Paris – Basic Guide 3A – Taxis

Taxis are often the only way to get exactly where you need to go. If you are handicapped or have luggage you can’t handle easily, then they may be your best option in Paris (and any city you travel in), even though there are wonderful buses, suburban trains and metro in Paris.

Be aware there may be fake cabs (and mini vans and shuttles) especially at the airports! Read the explanations below, carefully.

This information on Paris taxis comes from the official Tourist site: Getting Around Paris by Taxi

There’s a unique phone number now for all the taxi firms : 01 45 30 30 30 !

What defines a taxi in Paris?

It is a specially-equipped vehicle holding up to 9 people, including the driver, for which the owner or operator holds an operating license. This permits parking on the public highway while waiting for customers; to carry out at their request for personal transportation and in exchange for payment, the driver transports the people and their belongings.

The special equipment that an official taxi must have comprises:
— the illuminated “Taxi Parisien” sign on the roof of the taxi, uncovered when in operation
— a display meter shows the journey’s cost, arriving with money owed, if the taxi was ordered
— display at vehicle’s rear and visible from the exterior which monitors the daily duration of use
— a plate fixed to the vehicle’s front right-hand wing bearing the taxi’s license number.

Attention! Anyone claiming to be a taxi driver who does not have this specially-equipped vehicle is illegal, and you must not use them, for your own safety.

You can take a taxi:
* by hailing one on the street (it is available if the “Taxi Parisien” sign on the roof is lit). If it does not have this sign, don’t use it.
* at a taxi rank
* by calling one of the main taxi firms or
* by calling the unique number for all the firms 01 45 30 30 30

A taxi driver cannot refuse a short journey. There is a fixed minimum journey charge. When the cost of the journey (including supplementals) plus the standard pick-up charge ( 2.10€ ) comes to less than 5.60€, the driver can request 5.60€ (minimum price as of 17 April 2007).

You, the customer, can choose which taxi you want, if the taxi rank does not have a queuing system.

Be aware, the taxi driver is not obliged to load the customer’s luggage into his vehicle. However, as a service is being provided, drivers are recommended to show a certain courtesy towards their customers, and their willingness to help may be one of the ways you choose a driver.

It is absolutely PROHIBITED for the driver to be accompanied by other passengers apart from the customer! This, again, is for your safety. Do not enter a cab if anyone is riding with the driver.

Can the driver refuse to take 4 passengers? No, he must take them, but there is a supplemental fee to be paid from the 4th person onwards: 2.70€ per adult (price as at 9 April 2005), and a child under 10 years counts as ½ an adult.

Safety belts are not required.

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