Montreal – Events, Sights, History

Montreal is one of 2 remaining North American French gems, and is a source of Canadian pride, along with Quebec City. Both are wonderful places to visit, and Montreal is the more Anglo-friendly of the pair (but City of Quebec’s old city is a real treat).

Montreal has a long history, beginning with the habitation by its First Nation tribes, through French “discovery” and occupation and on to British stewardship before Canada’s independence from the Crown, but continued membership in the British Commonwealth.

This City is one of the best to visit in Canada.

  • Remembering Fallen Veterans
  • Montreal Fashion Week
  • POP Montreal Music Festival
  • Montreal – Fall Foliage
  • Laurentian Mountain Fall Foliage
  • Mont Tremblant Music Festivals, Casino
  • Montreal Botanical Gardens The Magic of Lanterns Exhibition, Chinese Tea Ritual, A World of Paper
  • Montreal Botanical Garden Paper Work exhibition, Lacquer – Precious Resin exhibition
  • Fall Colour Walk Montreal Botanical Garden — Larches
  • Maples! Montréal Botanical Garden Fall Color Walk
  • Oaks! Montreal Arboretum Autumn Foliage Walk
  • Mountain Ash, Rowan Berries
  • Montreal’s Walnut Trees – Fall Foliage Walk
  • Ginko biloba in Montreal
  • Montreal’s Botanical Garden Special events.
  • La Binerie, Montreal – inexpensive, classic French restaurant / diner.
  • Montreal Inexpensive Restaurants Olive et Gourmando and Montreal Pool Room
  • Schwartz’s Original Hebrew Deli – Montreal’s finest!
  • Montreal’s Late Night Restaurants – Moderate Price.
  • Montreal’s Restaurants – Ethnic Gems
  • Montreal’s Best Bistros – Au Pied de Cochon and L’Express
  • Les Trois Petits Bouchon – one of Montreal’s best expensive wine bar cafes
  • La Montée de Lait – A Montreal Gem
  • Chef David McMillan – Montreal’s Joe Beef, Liverpool House and McKiernan’s – Super-expensive Dining
  • Le Club Chasse et Pêche, Montreal – super-expensive
  • Toque! Montreal’s Best Restaurant — Part 1
  • Normand Laprise – Montreal’s Best Chef
  • Chef Normand Laprise – Canada’s Best Chef
  • Montreal Best Restaurants – by Category: 1 Toque!, L’Express, Aux Vivres, La Banquise
  • Montreal’s Best Restaurants – Part 2, by Category Best Breakfast, Best Deli, Best Bagels, Best Chocolate, Best Ice-cream.
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