London – The Tourist Entertainment Capital Of Europe

Welcome to London — one of the world’s great cities and a perfect place for fun.

London is a great vacation destination as it offers you a wide array of fabulous places to enjoy yourself and also learn. Discover the city, England and Britain – through history, art and cultural choices.

So, come prepared to experience new things and to party, meet the locals and have a great time!

There’s London entertainment for every interest and taste. Here’s just a quick sample.

  • The London Eye – British Airways still gives you a bird’s-eye view of this ancient city from over 400 feet in the air. The huge wheel revolves at a half mile an hour. One revolution takes 30 minutes and the wheel can accommodate 800 people at a time, in enclosed glass cabins. At night, the city looks magical.
  • The West End – a bustling, thriving theater district with first-run movies, plays, musicals and some retro offerings, also. Lots of chances for before-the-play or after-the-play suppers, too.
  • British sports abound in London’s stadiums and other venues. Watch soccer, rugby, cricket, lawn bowls, tennis, rowing regattas, horse-racing and more. Check with your concierge, The Times of London, The Evening Standard or online to see what’s happening during your visit.
  • Immerse yourself in Merrie Olde England during a Medieval Banquet, near the Tower of London, and then head over to the Tower in a pre-arranged admission to see the 700 year old Ceremony of The Keys! Fabulous. It’s a night you’ll always remember.
  • Visit the Royal Palaces. There are at least 7 in London, alone. See how “the other half” lives – in their splendid isolation. The art, all by itself, is worth the trip, and the architecture of the older palaces is hauntingly beautiful.
  • There are great opportunities for long walks, through: picturesque, vibrant neighborhoods, huge and amazing museums, lovely classical homes and out into London’s fabulous parks and natural areas (like Hampstead Heath and the River Thames).

Yes, London’s a city you will enjoy, and you will always think about what you are going to try next, when you return!

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