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London visitors sometimes choose lodgings with access to a kitchen, but most of us stay in B&B’s without this or in hotel rooms which lack all but a possible, tiny refrigerator. So, we are captives when we travel. We must find reasonable, clean and capable places to prepare our food.

This list will grow over time, as we research this and receive input from other travelers. We want a variety of people’s opinions, as that way, the recommendations have more strength.

Based on our experience and research, the following are decent-to-excellent establishments, and are worthy to consider patronizing. You will be able to get links to those which have sites by clicking our Useful Link page, below. Enjoy!

With options for items to go, as well as to stay, we suggest Fleet River Bakery, centrally located at 71 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, Camden, London, one of the Best Breakfast Places in London. Phone: 0207 691 1457. Closest Tube station: Holburn.

They seem to serve breakfast all day in the warren of comfortable rooms. FRB serves a wide variety (see the menu is online). There’s a Saturday brunch with additional, delicious choices.

Examples available daily are: house muffins or brie and tomato croissants to go OR hot options include scrambled eggs on sourdough or sausage baguettes with their own spicy onion marmalade. A sit-down breakfast for two, with service, is likely to be around £12.

If you are still sight-seeing in the general area of Fleet River Bakery, especially on the way to St. Paul’s, Dr. Johnson’s House or the Old Bailey, by the time you want to eat again, then you might also consider Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Pub at 145 Fleet Street. There has been a pub on this site since before the Great Fire of London in 1666. Many famous people have been patrons: Dr. Samuel Johnson who developed the first English dictionary, Charles Dickens, Voltaire, Mark Twain and many more recently famous people when the pub stood in the middle of the famous Fleet Street newspapers’ empires. This will be a fine introduction to English pub food and ambience.


And, if you headed north to the British Museum, instead, after breakfasting at Fleet River Bakery, and then want to be close to London entertainment for the evening, I suggest you think about Beatroot at 92 Berwick Street in Soho. It’s a vegetarian restaurant at the edge of a bustling street market. It’s informal, friendly but it can be noisy; Beatroot has been getting good reviews since it opened in 1997. It’s not open on Sundays. Their menu is published online and has soups, 10 hot items, 9 salads, fresh juices and smoothies, vegan cakes (which can be helpful to celiacs), chai and coffees. It’s informal and inexpensive. The lights are wind-power generated. You can eat-in or take-out.

None of these establishments are expensive, but they provide healthy, tasty food. You need good sustenance when you are on-the-go all the time, while traveling, so finding basic places, markets to buy fresh food for picnics etc. has to be the mainstay plan, unless you are made of money.

This plan will let you “splurge” once in a while for a really special restaurant experience, which is likely to cost a lot!

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