London – Exercise Choices Abound

Like the Americans and the Australians and the Finns, among others, the Brits are being encouraged to become healthier, and while you are visiting London, you can be healthier too, if you make wise choices. I’m suggesting nothing crazy and certainly nothing which will make you feel it’s not your vacation.

London is a very walkable city. There are a few hills, but mostly, it is flat. When visitors come to LondonTown, they wonder how safe it is. Although no one can guaranty your safety, London is a very safe place, especially considering its size. Just use good judgment.

Walking in London is relatively simple.The buses and Underground (tube) stops are spaced for easy neighborhood access which means if you walk to the station, you’ve already started to exercise!

And, if you walk for 20 minutes straight, during the day, you’ve gained a tremendous health advantage. Maybe going to the next station beyond your usual one, to get on public transport will give you the uninterrupted 20 minutes OR make sure you take some stair climbing at a site you visit, as long as you are in shape to do it.

Of course those who have already started a regimen may find a gym at the hotel, but if you are staying in smaller places, then walking or running outdoors will probably be the solution.

London has fabulous parks and they are integrated well into the urban plan. There are also fine, established walking trails through London, which you can enjoy – the Thames Path is the most famous.

In addition to being healthier for your effort, you’ll find that exercise, especially gentle walking, will help you calm down. You’ll be able to appreciate your surroundings more, and likely meet local people too. You will feel rested and have a better chance to go home refreshed and revived.

Exercise physiologists are now very clear that walking is the only exercise we need.

Additionally, every 20 minutes that someone walks in London makes a huge impact on its carbon-footprint, and the city is trying to be more responsible for the health of Planet Earth. Every citizen and visitor needs to participate so that this huge metro area of 14 million people has an excellent quality of life, clean air and water.

As we find great places to walk, inside and out, we’ll add them to this TravelVacationsReview’s Exercise Locations page. Regardless of the weather, there’s always a choice.

___ Thames Path
___ Hampstead Heath
___ Battersea Park, along the Thames
___ Hampton Court Palace
___ The Mall
___ The British Museum (free admission and often open late)

London – Lord Mayor Says “Walk”!

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