London Events – Annual Quick Ones!

Many London entertainment events are seldom written about until they are almost ready to be held, so sometimes it’s only a few lines, if any, in a guidebook for London visitors. So, to help our readers I am alerting you to a series of one and two day annual London shows. You will have to check for specific dates each year for these London events, online, or by reading the local papers after you arrive.

The information on these events is gathered from September 2009, onward.


The world’s biggest and oldest known grapevine is harvested in the gardens at Hampton Court Palace, London, and the Black Hamburg grapes made available for sale as 1,000 500 gram “punnets” at the castle store.

Yes, remarkably, this is happening in Britain, which is generally surrounded by famous grape-growing countries, but is not known to produce grapes. That is changing! Wines are now being produced in England. But it all began quietly, centuries ago, as a sign of royal power and privilege.

The Great Vine at Hampton Court Palace was grown from a cutting planted by the renowned landscape gardener Lancelot “Capability” Brown in 1768 in the reign of George III, who himself was an accomplished gardener and farmer on his royal lands.

The Great Vine now measures an astonishing 12 feet round the base, and has branches stretching to 120ft – with its status as the largest of all vines confirmed by the Guinness World Records. It is cared for by Gillian Cox, since 1985. It takes 3 weeks to harvest the grapes from this one plant!

If you want to eat the grapes which were previously only reserved for royalty, this is your chance, but more impressive, I think, is to be able to eat from the world’s oldest cultivated vine!


The Poetry Marathon is a chance to attend a unique presentation from poets, philosophers, writers, artists and musicians at the Frieze Art Fair. But, the Poetry Marathon only happens during 2 days of the much longer festival.

This event is a continuation of a fine tradition to honor the creative spirit and to help support those who manage to give us a mirror for us to see each other, our world and ourselves in another way. Their message comes from extraordinary people in the same quagmires of modern life, yet who manage to still be apart from it.

Poetry Marathon is being held this year in the stunning Serpentine Gallery, west of the Long Lake in Kensington Gardens, London.

Closest transport is the South Kensington tube. Go to the affair as part of a day in Knightsbridge, where you can also go to London’s famous Harrod’s department store, if you desire.

2009 Prices: one day £15; two days £25.
Bookings 0844 477 1000
Tickets online here.
Put it on your calendar for next year’s Art Frieze celebration.

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