London Day Trips Portal

I’m making a page where you can see several options for quick trips near London. You can journey by public transportation; use an organized tour or rent your own car for these day trips from London.

If you rent a car overseas, there are some requirements you must have in place. Confirm these actions at the rental agency of your choice, before you leave home:

  • get an international driver’s license from your national automobile association before you leave home. In America, you must use either the American Automobile Association (AAA) or the American Touring Alliance; these are the only US State Department certified sources, which will honor our obligations under International Treaties. Do NOT buy International Driver’s licenses from other sources on the internet; those will not be “legal” and may deactivate your car insurance.
  • get all requirements for international travel in place on your automobile liability insurance from your insurance company. Often your present car insurance will not work at all, overseas.There may be several items which your carrier will require.
  • have a valid credit card, as often this is an integral part of even being able to reserve a car in the first place.
  • Now, on to a roster of suggested London day trips. This page is a portal which I hope you will utilize often.

    1. The Kent beaches and coast.

    2. Kent beaches and coast, Part 2.

    3. Eurostar train London to Paris in 125 minutes.

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