London and Nearby Historic Accomodations

Yes, while you are in London, you may be some of the lucky people who are able to actually stay at Hampton Court Palace, and other historic properties, in and around London — and all around Britain!

How is this possible? Well, The Landmark Trust either owns these historic properties or is under contract with the owners, to allow overnight visitors. The monies earned are then used to maintain the properties, so they will be able to continue to be preserved and enjoyed for their British Heritage.

It’s a win-win. As a London tourist, instead of a sterile hotel, you can rent and stay in some amazing places – in a London historic buidling. And, many of these properties would even allow you (and it would be wise) to go with a larger group and split the costs. It’s perfect for families and friends who want to meet-up, or travel together, and that way, even some of the larger buildings will cost far less than the tariffs for ordinary hotels.

Of course, if you are already having a wedding, or something of that ilk to celebrate, The Landmark Trust buildings also may offer some unique options. The Trust has a Handbook on their site which describes each property.

Unfortunately, I have not found a map which clearly shows where the properties are in one easy view online, but with another tab or window open, and a copy of Google Maps or Mapquest, then you should be able to see any buildings which are in counties or shires or cities which you expect to visit.

Or, if you would like to make your visit revolve around a certain type of building, you can search for it that way, too, on their site.

The homepage also offers a link to Landmark Trust properties which are still available for late-arrival, on-the-spur-of-this-moment availability. But, for many other properties, you will definitely have to choose and then book them in advance.

You make your reservations directly on The Landmark Trust site.

If you are not lucky enough to match-up time, place and availability, to stay in one or more of these historic properties, well the site also informs you about their historic buildings which are open, periodically, and those open regularly. Most of these can be visited for free.

Meanwhile, as I researched The Great Vine at Hampton Court, and read that the Keeper of the Vine, Gillian Cox, lives at Hampton Court Palace, I was enchanted to find out that there are 2 places in the Palace which accept public over-night visitors: one is the small apartment near the Tudor Kitchens which was used by one of the King’s chefs, and another is a whole historical home, in the gardens, separate from the Palace, and allowing for a group rental.

Unlike the Tower of London, where the Beefeater guards have apartments, the public has no chance to reside there overnight, or in any other royal palace that I know of. So, these two spots at Hampton Court Palace, and the chance to use the grounds, after all of the crowds are gone, is a really special opportunity for a true trip back in time — a real feast for your imagination.

You can help these British historic buildings survive for this millennium.

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