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Tips for the right holiday travel package

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

It is not usually wise to be traveling during holidays as these are the times when almost every other person in the world is traveling. It is of course best to plan ahead or book ahead and go to your destination early to avoid all the hassle but if you’re one of those last minute people or probably one of those who can’t really avoid it, you should follow the next few tips for a better journey and maybe a cheaper stay.

– Holiday travel packages were never made with only one person in mind; no two people are alike, keep this in mind because the agencies that packed them have kept these in mind, use this fact to haggle your way into cheaper or sometimes better deals. Even if there are ready made packages, you can ask for extra perks especially if you’re staying for more than a week.

– Be careful of travel agents. Travel agents may give you the best deal for your package, which normally include airfare, lodgings and transportation, but a really good agent can be really flexible. One example would be if you want a rental car for the first half of your trip but you want to get rid of it by the second half, a good agent can arrange this for you, sometimes for a cheaper price.

– Be sure that the package you want is available, you don’t want to get pulled into something that ends up being sold out, some people give out too-good-to-be-true packages which end up being “sold out” in the end, so before you make a deal or transfer a morsel of cash, make sure that it is still available.

– Be sure to know exactly what airline and route your taking, you won’t want those unpleasant layovers which can be a real pain, not to mention delay your schedule.

– A good sign of a good package is one that is very flexible, as said before, no two people are alike, and a good package should reflect that, it should allow you to choose between destinations, as well as brands and lodgings without changing the price. A choice in which rental car to take is also a sign of a good package.

– Finally, it’s good to ask for discounts that you might get if you do certain stuff, like stay in the hotel for more than a week, or sign up on the internet instead of by phone. Research first before you cough up the money for down-payment; make sure you’ve exhausted all possible discount generating ways before you decide on a package.

Business travel tips

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Travel is an important and necessary part of life for many business people. Generally, business travel may not necessarily be the cheapest way to travel, but has the advantage of offering a superior service and convenience for business people. But what is business travel?

Majority of airlines offer business, or first class seats. These seats are generally larger than in the economy, and have added features such as on- demand movies, telephones, and connections for laptops.

The service is more personal (and more frequent) than in other classes. On long flights, some airlines have ‘raid the larder’, where it is possible to eat when you are ready, rather than at a pre-arranged time. The choice in beverages and food is also more impressive.

Business class tickets are more flexible. Business passengers have the added advantage of being able change their flight times, often with little notice.

More generous luggage allowance. Average luggage allowance for economy passengers is about 20 Kg. Business class passengers, however, have an allowance of around 40Kg.

Quicker check- in. The majority of airlines have separate check- in facilities for business and first class passengers in order to keep the waiting time down to a minimum.

Separate lounge. After check- in, all airlines have separate designated lounges. In business lounges passengers can enjoy complimentary food, beverages, and newspapers. For some long distance travelers there are further amenities available such as shower, massage, and so on.

Some airlines also offer free limousine or taxi service to- and from the airport. Some VIP passengers can even expect to be driven right up to their aircraft.

So business travel is more about comfort, service, and convenience. It has less to do with cost. If you’re lucky, for some reason or other, sometimes airlines automatically ‘upgrade’ some passengers.