British Museum’s Garden and Cosmos – Hurry!

Britain is now a very multi-cultural country and the immigrants who came from the former British colonies share a centerpiece in the new foundational society. Indians are likely the largest group.

So, to share their rich heritage, the British Museum emphasized the culture of India this summer. It’s a special London event.

This royal collection of 56 classic Indian paintings is from the Mehrangarh Museum Trust, Jodhpur and none of the art has ever been shown in Europe before!

This should rank high on your list of London’s art exhibitions as the Garden and Cosmos exhibition closes on October 11th, so you must hurry!

About 1/4 of the exquisite paintings are shown on the Museum’s site online. They focus on the Indian view of Creation and of the Universe with the Garden used as a metaphor.

It is a fantastic opportunity to experience the unique, distinct, inventive art tradition of Rajasthan that flourished in the royal courts between the 17th and 19th centuries.

These paintings were produced for the private enjoyment of the Maharaja, and his court. They are traditional Rajasthani styles combined with styles developed in the national, imperial court of the Mughals.

The paintings include a handful of miniatures and also monumental artworks depicting the palaces, wives and families of the Jodhpur rulers.

Later works depict India’s epic narratives. They also demonstrate the devotion of Maharaja Man Singh to an esoteric, healing yogic tradition.

Jodhpur’s artists had to rise to the challenge of creating images for metaphysical concepts and yoga narratives (which had never previously been the focus of the region’s court art). You can just enjoy the paintings for their delicate beauty, and be fascinated about how spiritual understanding has led Science.

Outside the Museum, you may still see the free exhibition of Plants from the Indian Landscape, with a plant guide online, too.

Garden and Cosmos: The Royal Paintings of Jodhpur
28 May – 11 October 2009 / Room 35 / £8, £17 families* Members free

*Family tickets are £17 (2 adults and up to 3 children under 18).
Under 16s have free entry when accompanied by a paying adult.

For more information:
Garden and Cosmos, British Museum Exhibition

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