English Gardens Beautify Autumn

Even though the iconic Chelsea Flower Show is in May, when you visit Britain in the fall, there’s still lots for an avid gardener to do. As we all know, Brits are some of the most passionate and talented gardeners, so on those beautiful autumn days around London, check out a nearby gardening event from the Royal Horticultural Society or visit an English garden they suggest.

You’ll meet lots of local people there, and, after all, that’s part of the reason to travel — to meet the country’s citizens and make new friends. While traveling, it’s icing-on-the-cake to make associations among those who share a hobby or a career with you.

And, a beautiful garden is always a place to share with your children as it’s a place where they can feel unfettered, while respectful.

You’ll return home from visiting Royal Horticultural Society events, or their suggested gardens, to enjoy the photos you take year ’round, forever. They may well be some of the most-admired photos in the trip album you share!

The climate of the British Isles is so perfect for a wide variety of plants, and in Devon, there is a biosphere-type project to preserve much of the world’s botany. That’s well worth a trip, too. More on that in another post!

And, be sure to put England’s oldest medicinal herb garden on your agenda when you visit London, too. It’s the Chelsea Physic Garden along the Thames Embankment in Chelsea.

So, choose a great fall day to go into a London garden. It will let your spirit soar, and you will truly have a relaxed vacation day!

Check for renowned London gardens and Royal Horticultural Society event schedule in the “For All Ages” category.

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