Tower of London – Timeless Fortress

Tower of London

In the Tower of London, learn timeless tales of intrigue, power-grabs and lost love entwining through the centuries in the human history and escapades within these 1,100 year old walls.

If you were writing a soap-opera, it would be hard to trump the real-life dramas which have played out here, under Royal direction.

And, if you were impressed by the genuine-Bling, WOW! factor of the jewels at the Royal Wedding, recently, this IS the place to see them up-close!

Equally impressive is the architectural grandeur and the quality construction, which is fascinating on its own. And, when you add the famous ravens and the British Crown Jewels into the mix, it’s a must-see destination for any London traveler.

Leave plenty of time; it always takes more than you think, and especially if you want a quiet period, to really try to soak up its special vibes.

One visit, I took along some pastels and spent time sketching on Tower Green. That was even more satisfying than taking photographs home, although I did that too! Find a way to bring the power of this place into your being as it is solid and enduring, in an increasingly topsy-turvy world.

If you come early in your London visit, don’t be surprised to find yourself being drawn back, under its spell.

And, plan ahead to visit after hours for the special: Ceremony of the Keys Information and Instructions.

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