Trafalgar Square – London’s Urban Living Room

Wellington-Arch London

Watch where you step in Trafalgar Square, and “No!” I’m not just speaking about the prolific pigeons there. Rather, you are surrounded by such a glorious open-space, which Londoners love to use, and the hustle and bustle brings its own great energy to the area.

You’ll be awed by the space, that’s why I said ‘watch your step’.

  • Gaze at Lord Horatio Nelson, atop the column. He’s Britain’s quintessential naval hero – talk about the original “Master and Commander”!
  • Turn 360E and then you’ll see some of London’s most important venues to enjoy – like The National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery and St. Martin’s in the Fields church, famed for concerts recorded there or enjoyed live.
  • You’ll also be close to everything — a quick London walk south down Pall Mall to Buckingham Palace or St. James Park. Or, eastward, walk up The Strand eastward, to see the Inns of Court, Church of the Templars, Dr. Johnson’s home and St. Paul’s Cathedral (where Lord Nelson rests). If you choose to go north, then you’ll be on a walk in the theater district of London’s West End, as well as near Chinatown. And, westward, you delight in the great shopping as you walk around Oxford, Regent and Bond Streets.

A festival called The Fourth Plinth has occurred in Trafalgar Square since the summer of 2009. This year’s artwork includes a huge Blue Cockerel and a Boy on a Rocking Horse. A commission chooses the artwork.

The other 3 plinths contain massive English lions, below Nelson’s column. These sculptures are beautiful, regal and strong — great representatives of what Britain aspires to as a nation.

In Trafalgar Square, you are surrounded by the deeds of people of greatness — whether heroes or artists —   and it becomes an unforgettable experience.

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