Buckingham Palace – Fit for a Queen

Buckingham Palace

With the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton still fresh in our minds, many people are curious about what it is like living as a royal.

In London, Buckingham Palace began as a little red brick house and it was transformed over several generations into the palatial presence you see today.

Clothed in prestigious Portland stone (from the Isle of Portland, off the south coast of England), just like a traditional banker’s pin-stripe suit, the palace looks regal in a dapper grey. But, wait until you see the inside!

Scarlet walls! Golden plasterwork! Gilded frames containing art from the great Masters! And, it goes on to silken walls, fabulous wood furniture made and polished to perfection, statuary, accessories, porcelain, silver, then inlaid floors and specialty carpets of all kinds. It’s rare opulence these days, but it is in good taste, on a grand scale (yet small scale for other European palaces).

Unless you are invited by Royal invitation, as about 50,000 people are each year, then you can see 19 of the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace when the Queen Elizabeth II is away from London, at her favorite home Balmoral Castle, in Scotland, each August and September.

So, plan ahead to get a timed ticket and enjoy the opportunity to see so many well-cared for treasures. Enjoy the unique gardens, too, as the Queen does.

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