Tower of London – Shadows and Candles

Tower of London

Come inside the Tower of London at night! It’s almost like being an “extra” in a Hollywood film, and it feels surreal.

Can you imagine walking those cobblestones and seeing the Tower as most people have, throughout the centuries, without the trappings of modern times? Spooky. Shadowy, with the potential for terror, if you get yourself wrapped-up in the history there.

If you are organized and leave enough time for your invitation, you may be lucky enough to be only 1 of 30 people, every summer evening, who get to witness The Ceremony of the Keys, a guard-duty which has occurred nightly for 700 years, without fail. Wow!

Read where and how to apply for your invitation in my longer article Ceremony of the Keys, Tower of London, application process

Walk the cobblestones that Queen Ann Bolelyn and Sir Walter Raleigh did, or just come to the Tower of London to enjoy its 1,000 year history in a whole new “light” (candle-light!).

Have fun!

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