Consider these travel safety tips

For many people, traveling, be it for business or for pleasure, is on balance an exciting experience. The excitement can be maintained, provided some travel safety tips are considered.

Unfamiliar, or new surroundings sometimes effect some people in such a way that they tend to throw some caution into the wind by taking unnecessary risks. Taking unnecessary risks will sooner or later land one in trouble.

1. Do thorough research.

It’s advisable to do some kind of research to the place you’ll be visiting, particularly if it’s for the first time. Research can be into areas such as the location of the hotel and its proximity to the sights you’ll want to visit.

The research will reveal how much walking you’ll do, as opposed to having to rely on public transport. If you’ll be walking, you’ll want an idea of the kind of areas that you’ll pass through. Remember that in many major cities there are the so- called no- go- areas. So you’ll naturally want to avoid those.

It’s always worthwhile to check whether other hotels are also located in the area you’ll be staying. The presence of other hotels signify the popularity of the area, meaning that there will probably be many other like minded visitors such as yourself.

Of course, concentration of tourists can bring its own problems: some undesirables such as pickpockets will also be attracted to those areas. In those circumstances, extra care must be taken with personal belongings. Items such as personal jewelery should be kept out of sight. Wearing a money belt is an excellent way of protecting valuables such as money and credit cards.

If you’re not sure about an area, ask a member of your hotel for advise. If you have doubts about an area, it’s best to avoid it altogether.

2. Traveling alone

It’s never advisable to go walking alone at times such as late at night. If you need to be somewhere, perhaps there may be others that you can travel with. Consider taking a cab, or share one with fellow traveler (s).

Never accept the offer to be shown around by total strangers, unless you know that they are some kind of official such as a tour guide.

Before leaving your hotel, read the map and try to memorize the routes you’ll be taking. Nothing advertises the fact that you’re are a stranger than walking around with your nose buried in a map!

If you need to consult a map at any time while you’re out, don’t do it in the street. Visit a coffee shop, a rest room, etc. Thus, you can jog your memory without giving too much away.

Be aware of your surroundings. When out walking, look out for changes in the neighborhood. If you notice gradual changes that makes you feel uneasy, don’t worry. Calmly reverse your direction of travel and keep walking at a steady pace until you are back at a more familiar surroundings.

Don’t use cash machines in remote areas. If you’re not sure, visit a main bank branch. If you are not near a bank, then consider the more expensive option of changing money at your hotel.

When you leave your hotel for the first time, try and remember certain landmarks such as unusual buildings, etc. This will help you when returning to your hotel.

If you suddenly end up in a rough neighborhood, don’t ask for directions from strangers in the street. If you cannot find an official such as a police officer, then ask at a shop or establishment.

If you find yourself lost in an area that you feel uncomfortable in, don’t persevere in attempting to find your way back. Consider taking a cab as soon as possible, however short the journey may be.

Adopting the above safety tips will give you further peace of mind, so you’ll be able to concentrate more- to enjoy yourself.

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