Brazil travel tips

The South American country of Brazil is blessed with wonderful culture, people, and climate. Summers in Brazil is from December, and ends in February. As with any other country, certain preparation is in order, if the forthcoming trip is to be trouble free.

Brazil is a country that has a very high humidity factor in its climate. Therefore, belongings such as film for the camera has to be adequately protected. So sealable plastic bags will come handy for protection against excessive humidity.

For convenience, and for allowing for possible difficulties regarding the language (Portuguese), it is best to take any prescribed medicines and prescriptions. upon entering the country, all personal medicines should be declared to the Brazilian customs.

Similar to all warmer climates, Brazil also has a relatively large number of insects. So it would be a prudent measure to take insect repellant. The excessive humidity causes one to sweat a great deal. So for your own comfort (and others), have your deodorant within easy reach.

If the trip involves spending time on the beach, or spending time in the sun, then a good quality sun cream is necessary in order to minimize problems.

A few weeks prior to departure, visit your doctor. You’ll need a course of shots such as hepatitis. A, B, and C hepatitis are prevalent in Brazil.

Observe other hygiene precautions as when at home. For example, frequent hand washing, particularly before eating is highly recommended. Even on odd occasions where water is not available, antiseptic wipes must then be used.

Apart from packing personal essentials, try and keep your load as light as possible. Most people in Brazil tend to dress casual. So unless your visit involves formal occasions, you don’t need to take many suits and bulky items in your suitcase.

Do not place important valuables such as passport, money, and so on, in your suitcase. Like many other countries, Brazil also has its fair share of crime. So use of a money belt is highly recommended. Some important documents such as passports should have copies in case of theft or loss to the originals.

Upon arrival, make sure that you have some cash for incidentals, tips, taxi, and so on. For cash withdrawals from machines, ensure that you are in a fairly public and safe area. If you are in doubt regarding safety to the location of a cash machine, then take your time and use another. When using the machine, make sure that nobody can look over your shoulder. If in doubt, use a bank branch with foreign currency facilities.

As in many major countries, credit cards are widely accepted. However, if visiting remote areas, cash may be your best bet.

Ensure that all travel documents are in order before attempting to visit the country.

If visiting the country alone, keep signs of ‘wealth’ such as personal jewelery out of sight. This way, you’ll not be attacthed to the opportune criminal elements.

The above guidelines will ensure that your visit is a comfortable and a safe one.

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