Planning an educational trip

Educational trips are not just for the kids- adults, too, can learn and have fun at the same time. Educational trips to established places such as museums is fine once you get there, but with a little planning, you and the kids will extract the maximum benefit.

Let’s face it, unless the trip is organized and well planned beforehand, your kids will not appreciate your having to take them away from their comfort zone- home and friends.

In plannings of any kind, there should always be one person who collates all the suggestions and ideas. With some consultation with the kids and the parents, you’ll have better idea regarding places to visit.

Of course, the available time will, to a degree, determine how far you should travel. Generally kids do not appreciate long hours spent traveling. Even for short distances you need to make provisions for games and plays in which to occupy the kids.

Apart from making plans where to visit, you’ll also need to take into account other considerations such as food, transportation, and accommodation.

A pack list is essential. Here are some important items that you should include:

Snacks- Food and drink must be included. Remember that you’ll be mostly on the move. Therefore drinks should be well sealed (to avoid leakage). Food should be of easy to eat variety. For example a sandwich on the move is fine, but you’ll have problems with foods such as spaghetti!

In your own pack do include a basic first aid box. Kids can easily injure themselves, particularly when visiting unfamiliar grounds.

Take some extra clothes. Kids can quickly feel hot or cold. They may not require much when active. But if sitting down for any length of time, they may need a pullover. Change of clothes will also come handy in case of spillages, such as when eating. Insure that the clothes are name tagged in case they are dropped or are mixed with the ones belonging to the other kids.

Before leaving home, make a few ground rules: kids must not wonder off by themselves, even to the bathroom without informing an adult. When walking, they must keep close to the group. An adult must always bring up the rear.

For kids who are old enough, it is a good idea for them to bring their mobile phones with them in case of emergencies.

In your pack include a good supply of tissues and wet wipes. Anyone with young kids will vouch that you can never have too much.

Once there, be in tune to the kids’ ‘body language’ and moods. They can tire easily, particularly in new surroundings where their minds as well as their bodies are challenged. So be prepared to stop for a rest as soon as possible.

Be flexible. If the kids seem to be enjoying a particular section of the trip, allow them extra time. Remember, this is not the army- not everything needs to have split timing! If you feel that you’re a little behind in the schedule, don’t worry. You can always make up the time later on.

Finally, on the return trip home, include some comfort foods. For example, milk is an excellent food in replacing kid’s energy, at the same time aiding them to have a snooze.

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