Disney World travel

If you have kids, Disney World is one of the top desired resorts worth visiting. There are plenty of things to do for all the family, and boredom is unheard of. Nevertheless, it is best to go prepared in order to avoid disappointment.

If possible, try and visit the resort during off- season. Sure, the weather may not be as glorious, but in Florida the whether rarely gets very cold. There are many advantages worth considering. For example, off season is early January to mid- February, or after Labor day through mid- December.

Off season visits have the added advantages such as less crowds (shorter lines), not to mention lower rates.

Although lodgings are generally cheaper outside the resort, consider staying in the resort during off season. Remember, in staying in the resort, you can make considerable savings in travel time to and from the resort. After all, Disney World covers some 47 square miles. After spending a full day, you probably will not want to have to travel too far to get to your lodgings.

Once there, in order to save time, it is probably best to consult the family regarding what they want to see. The best time is probably at the breakfast table, with the aid of a map. This way you can plan and plot the route you will have to take, thus saving time in aimless wandering around.

Of course, it is not always a good idea to have a rigid plan for the day. Be a little flexible. Allow your kids extra time if they wish to visit something else, or to go on a ride, a second time.

It is best if your plan for each day includes a good mixture of walking and rides. Remember, the sheer size of the resort can play havoc on tired feet, which is tough for the little ones.

When planning your day’s activities, allow for plenty of rest stops. It is far more beneficial on everyone if your visit is a measured one. Do not feel that you have to rush around and to go on as many rides as possible. If you happen to miss out on a particular attraction, you can always include it in the next day’s plan.

Your kids are the best judges. They’ll not hesitate in telling you whether they like a certain activity. So if they don’t seem to enjoy a ride, don’t persevere! Make a little note, so that you avoid similar rides in the coming days.

Another advantage to Disney World travel is that you’ll meet other like minded families. Your kids will probably make more new friends. If the circumstances are suitable, you may be able to take turns in entertaining the kids so that the adults can have a little breather!

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