Choosing holiday accessories

Your holiday is fast approaching. How do you decide what items to take?

The first rule is to be realistic. If you are only going away for a long weekend, then you are not likely to need to take much accessories with you. Similarly, if you are staying at a fairly large hotel chain, many of your needs will be provided. So there is no need to ‘double up’.

The second rule is to travel as light as possible. In order to achieve the desired minimum accessories, ask yourself what you may need, as opposed to what you could do with. This way you’ll manage to cut out many unnecessary gadgets, thus saving weight.

Try and find out as much as you can about your destination, and the kind of activities that you may take up. In this way you’ll become aware of such important information such as the temperature- you’ll be able to pack suitable clothes. Similarly, if all you’re planning to do is to sightsee from the tour bus, then you’ll not need to take with you the heavy hiking boots!

If you are going on a city holiday, you’ll need the following: 1.

A sturdy suitcase of suitable size for your belongings. Remember to allow extra space in your suitcase for your return journey for items such as presents. A sturdy suitcase is a must, because baggage handlers are not generally known for their gentle touch!

2. Appropriate clothing for your destinations. For city holidays, don’t forget the all- important comfortable walking shoes.

3. If the climate at your destination is changeable, take a raincoat or an umbrella with you.

4. Do take your favorite toiletries with you. When you are miles away from home, it is not always easy to buy your favorite toothpaste. This is particularly important if you suffer from allergic reaction to some toiletries.

5. If you use an electric razor, find out whether you need an appropriate adaptor.

6. If you are on medications, ensure that you take enough with you for your entire stay.

7. If you use prescription glasses, consider taking a spare set, in case of an accident.

8. If you are staying in an hotel, you’ll not need to take items such as towels, alarm clock, and radio.

Finally, remember the three most important items: ticket, passport, and credit card. Unless you are traveling to remote places and cities, anything that you may have forgotten can always be bought once you arrive there.

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