Chicago – Albany Park Community

Albany Park is one of Chicago’s moderately middle-class neighborhoods. It’s surrounded by more-affluent neighborhoods and lies on Chicago’s famed North-side. The neighborhood is still an immigrant mecca, as it was for all of the 20th Century.

It’s a relatively low-crime area, but as Chicago is a huge city, anything can happen anywhere, at anytime. Please always be aware of that.

Certainly, the city is a great deal different than when my father was a teenager there, with Al Capone and other nefarious gangsters roaming the streets, spraying the streets with bullets, regularly in the 1930’s. Yet, as much as there are amazing cultural opportunities in this city, like all major American cities, there are still deep-problems, too.

Wherever you are staying, be sure to ask the staff about the lay-of-the-land, for certainly there are areas to be aware to stay away from.

And, you must decide on which public transportation options you feel comfortable with, too. Also discuss this with your hotel staff. Sometimes the time of day makes a difference. There’s always a way to safely get to your destination. Millions do that everyday in the city!

The core of downtown around State Street and the famous museums and art galleries near Lake Michigan are certainly a tourist magnet, and you may opt for some accommodations in the core, rather than the residential sections, but I encourage you to ask about good neighborhoods to visit so you can really see the working-heart of the city.

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