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Yes, Chicago is a melting-pot where America is being forged, yet again, as we speak! Immigrants are coming in from all over the world, filled with hopes and dreams which we can see expressed in their real-life success and in their real stories.

This moderate middle-class suburb is surrounded by more affluent ones, but it has been where new American lives have been built for more than a century. My father’s family started here after their immigration from Europe and there still are vestiges today of that Eastern European Jewish community in Albany Park, along with those speaking another 40 or so languages!

My family has long since moved-on to other parts of Chicago (we’re into our 4th generation of Chicagoans) or on to other parts of America. Albany Park is now 30% Korean, and also has a large Latin American contingent.

Last time I wrote about Albany Park Theater Project for teens as a way to meet-the-people of today’s Albany Park. Here are a few more places to check out the Cultures and Arts there.

At Northeastern University ofn Thursday, March 29th, 2012 check out the Lecture Series “The Acccidental Activist” at 7pm.

Visit the Triad Myriad at North Branch Projects for the exhibit at 3550 W. Lawerence Avenue, with Katie Chung, Amy Sinclair and Jon Ten Brink.

North Branch Projects is also one of 3 venues for the ongoing “ESPACIOS OCUPADOS: DEFINING 99%” seen around Chicago.

This Art Festival is an international art exhibit program with the goal of presenting creative responses by contemporary Caribbean, Latin American, and Latino/a artists showcasing recent occurrences happening around the globe: immigration rights protests in America, street riots in London, uprisings in Egypt, and the various “Occupy” events.

This collective exhibit effort opens-up common  “humanity” using imaginary and collaborative processes within and outside their respective communities. See it.

Calles y Sueños-Chicago
28 Jan. – 18 Feb. 2012 — FINISHED

Maya Essence – Casa Guatemala
17 Mar. – 14 Apr. 2012

North Branch Projects – Albany Park
12 May – 9 Jun. 2012

“Participating artists suggest how these current matters have impacted or continue to influence the Caribbean, Latin American and “diasporic” Latino/a community around the globe”.

The artists have produced work in many media – digital, drawing, mixed techniques, painting, performance and photography.

There will be community panel discussions between local activists, artists, and arts professionals. Interestingly, the Exhibitors represent different Latino/a generations of artists who are established and respected in the art world as well as others who are upcoming.


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