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Chicago and New York are America’s biggest melting-pots. Come here to see-the-world walk by! Chicago’s history of welcoming immigrants is just as strong today as it was when my father’s family came there more than a century ago from Eastern Europe.

In fact, when I saw this Public Television piece about the Albany Park Theater Project for teens, my interest piqued, as I believe this was the neighborhood my father grew up in a century ago. Incredible.

I visited this neighborhood as a young teen more than 50 years ago and went to high school there for a few months while we visited from overseas.

It was a safe neighborhood then. My sister and I walked to school, alone. No problem. Now, more than 40 languages are spoken in the neighborhood and the teens there have lots to deal with; however, this artistic group of kids is rising above some difficult circumstances and are inviting you into their lives.

This is a chance to see a slice of America rarely shown in order for you to understand real-stories, from the teen actors themselves. The project also helps tutor the teens and the steadiness of all of this produces the first college-bound children in their families. They have received critical acclaim for their plays.

I will have to confirm that my family did live within the boundaries of what is called Albany Park today, but regardless I will pay attention to what’s going on in the Albany Park Theater Project Project next time I visit, and I think you should learn more here, too.

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