Washington DC – Overview 4

As I leave Washington DC for the moment, it is with the advice that ‘there’s so much to see within a few hours drive from the city’. DO see the important historic plantations, villages and beautiful landscapes of the Piedmont and the Chesapeake and The James River.

So, here is my Day-Trip Overview list.

___ Williamsburg, in Southern Virginia (needs at least 3 days, but you can do a little in one L-O-N-G day). If you are able to stay longer, then go to see Jamestown, and see Jefferson’s mansion, Monticello, in Charlottesville on the long-way back to DC. I’ll write about Williamsburg, maybe in the fall.

___ Annapolis, Maryland — home of the US Naval Academy and one of the first capitals of the new American republic. It’s a beautiful, historic, walkable inner core and harbor.

___ The historic plantations, farms and mansions, westward to the Piedmont and the Shenandoah, from Washington DC. I’ve written about quite a few, but there are enough to see a new one each trip!

___ Baltimore — innovative, socially-aware and fascinating.

Enjoy! I’m back to some old favorites for awhile, next time.

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