Washington DC – Overview 1

The whole purpose of spending so much time on Washington DC in these past months has been to get a cache of information ready for the spring trips for which DC is famous.

People who travel there to see the famous Cherry Blossoms around the Tidal Basin and 8th graders who come from throughout the nation, often on their first major trip, to see how and where their government functions (along with historic places) get some of the best weather of the year in the city.

So, I’m giving a quick overview of my list of highlights to consider. Some require prior planning with your Congressional Representative. Some require security, so bringing “stuff in backpacks” may not be wise etc., but regular guide books or some of my former posts can acquaint you with these.

I’m dividing my list into groups. These are the governmental and publicly-owned venues.

___ The White House
___ Congress
___ The Supreme Court and Library of Congress
___ The Jefferson Memorial
___ The Lincoln Memorial
___ The World War 2 Memorial
___ The Viet Nam Memorial
___ Arlington National Cemetery
___ The Smithsonian Institution Museums
___ Festival of American Folk-life (in summer by Smithsonian)
___ The US Holocaust Museum
___ The National Zoo
___ The National Arboretum
___ The C & O Canal
___ The Bureau of Engraving and Printing
___ The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts


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