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The following are ethnically-oriented sites in Baltimore County.

Towson University,
8000 York Road, Towson, Maryland 21252
410-704-2807 Room 2037
Monday – Friday, 11 am – 4pm
Saturday 1 – 4 pm

The 30 year old center houses exhibitions and presentations related to traditional and contemporary Asian arts. Learn about Maryland Asian and Asian-American artists; among the Maryland Asian American women featured at the center are: Pearl Pan, a Chinese musician, Nilimma Devi, a dancer from India, Kyoto Okamato, a Japanese musician, Shizumi Man Ale, a Japanese theater performer, Komelia Okim, a sculptor and jewelry designer of Korean descent, and pianist/composer Lily Chang.

The collection has over 1,000 pieces of Asian Art, in many genres, from China, Korea, Japan, India, Tibet, Nepal, Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand.

300 Oella Avenue, Catonsville, Maryland 21228
T.D.D./Deaf 410-887-5319

This 1737 home site, which is now part of Baltimore County’s Parks District, reminds visitors of the strength of conviction of so many of the women who lived in 18th century America.

Famed Black-American Benjamin Banneker’s grandmother, Molly Welsh, was English and had been accused of stealing milk and condemned to death. Amazing, eh? But, unfortunately, all too common.

Her sentence was reduced to being sent to the British Colony in North America, probably as an indentured servant, or worse, But, she finally became the owner of a farm and married one of her slaves.

Their daughter, Mary, regarded undoubtedly as a mulatto, but also a free woman, did as her mother had — she married a freed slave named Robert. Because the status of a child was only predicated on the status of the mother, Benjamin was technically free. He was born in 1731 and lived until 1806.

Unusually for the time, this black man learned to read and write because his English grandmother, Molly, taught him how, and he received some education at a Quaker school.

But like so many rural children, Benjamin’s formal instruction at that time had to take back seat to working on his grandmother’s farm. Throughout her life, Molly strongly influenced Benjamin Banneker’s growth and achievements. Banneker is regarded as the first African American scientist.

The 138 acre park offers places to roam as well as the Museum. There are Historical, Jazz and Nature events often.

4806 Mount Hope Drive, Baltimore, Maryland 21215

Henry Lee Moon Library and Civil Rights Archives
NAACP Headquarters Annex, 6000 Metro Drive, Baltimore 21215

The NAACP headquarters and the nearby annex contain exhibits, archival material and a library documenting the civil rights movement in the United States.

Information is presented about civil rights leaders includes:
___ Lillie Carroll Jackson, who served nearly 35 years as president of the Baltimore NAACP – the largest branch in the nation.

Jackson fought segregation in Maryland and was instrumental in passingsome of the most important civil rights legislation impacting all African Americans.

___ Mary White Ovington, Enolia McMillan and Juanita Jackson Mitchell.

The NAACP decided to keep its headquarters in Baltimore in 2010.

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