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This is the first day of Passover for 2011. Passover is an even more difficult time to travel for Orthodox Jews as even Kosher restaurants may not choose to disassemble everything to make it “Kosher L’ Pesach”. I am including some possible Baltimore and Washington DC choices at the end.

The timing varies every year, as it is a lunar calendar holy day.

For this article, it’s fitting to learn a bit about a famous Jewess from Baltimore, whose impact was felt world-wide.

15 Lloyd Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21202
phone: 410-732-6400

The Jewish Museum of Maryland includes two historic synagogues, as well as exhibition galleries and a research library where the Museum archives are stored. Those archives contain primary source materials (photographs, letters, personal notebooks, diaries, and oral histories) relating to the lives of many important Jewish Maryland women.

Among those whose lives are explored is Henrietta Szold, a pioneering Zionist who founded the first adult language education classes to teach Eastern European immigrants English. It was called the Russian Night School in Baltimore. Henrietta also founded the globally recognized women’s Zionist organization, Hadassah.

Also noted are Rose Zetzer, who was an ardent feminist and the first female admitted to the Maryland Bar Association.

People also learn about Lena Barber, a midwife whose detailed notes of all the births she assisted are instrumental tools in conducting Jewish genealogical family research.

Between Park Heights and Green Spring Avenue,
Baltimore, Maryland 21208

This residential street (in NE Baltimore) was dedicated in 1950, five years after the death of lifelong Zionist, Henrietta Szold.

In the 1890’s, when Russian persecution of Jews fiercely began, refugees came streaming into the city. Szold started Baltimore’s first night school to teach the new immigrants English.

Then, in 1912 Szold started Hadassah, a welfare organization to bring modern medical science to today’s Israel.

She eventually moved in to Israel he 1920’s to supervise Hadassah’s building of hospitals, medical schools and playgrounds — all of which were open to Jews and Arabs alike.

When Hitler came to power, Henrietta Szold, who was in her seventies, understood the danger and she was able to save more than 10,000 Jewish children from Nazi Germany!

What a great soul and heart!

For Kosher Jewish Food (may or may not be Kosher L’ Pesach):

Max’s Kosher and More
Eli’s Kosher restaurant – DC
Edmart, Max’s, Shalom Deli
Attman’s Deli, Baltimore

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