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When people visit America, it’s hard for me to understand why more tourists don’t seek out the Native Americans and learn about their history and culture. The peoples deserve the respect and we can learn a great deal that is meaningful in living a better, simpler, more planet-integrated life from many of the tribes. Other Americans, themselves, are in need of these lessons, too.

So, I always try to make contact with the local Native American tribes when I travel and I have met many fascinating and wonderful, memorable people, coast-to-coast:

___ from an Abenaki-Penobscot Princess on Old Town Island in Bangor, Maine, whose traditional, beautifully-crafted, sweetwater grass baskets I care for and treasure

___ to the last 3 Cherokee river-cane basketmakers who were desperately trying to pass their craft along to disinterested young tribal members and so were teaching those who were interested, at the tribal Museum in the Great Smoky Mountains

___ to the curator of the Makah Reservation Museum in far north-west of Washington state whose excellent delineation of his tribe’s legal and cultural battles have always stayed in my mind

___ to the Pueblo artists of New Mexico whose respectful, spiritual transformation of earth through fire is one of the phenomenal examples of human artistry and skill anywhere

___ and so many more wonderful experiences, including several conversations and celebrations with many Native tribes, here in Oregon, especially salmon-bakes and dancing with the Warm Springs tribe.

So, coming to Washington, DC, it seems appropriate to help you learn. I did the article on the Smithsonian Institution’s stellar National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI), and the American Indian Cultural Center in the Metro DC area, but now that we are exploring Maryland, these tribes would have been totally local, too. And, there still are Virginian tribes to connect with, as they and the Massachusetts tribes were the ones whose generosity helped the first Europeans survive.

So, beginning next time, I’ll share some more information and you can decide how you will incorporate it into meeting the First Americans.

But, at the very least include at least one day to tour the Smithsonian’s NMAI (I’d take at least 2, but you may not be able to spare the time). The Museum is right on The Mall in the center of Washington, DC.

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