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5801 Oxford Road • Glen Echo, Maryland 20812 • 301-492-6246

Clara Barton was the founder of the American Red Cross. She lived in this home from 1897 until she died in 1912. This house was the first permanent headquarters of the organization, and was also a home for Red Cross volunteers.

Clara Barton, a forward thinking woman, was also a lifelong supporter of the enfranchisement of African Americans and also of women’s rights. Additionally, she was honored as the “Angel of the Battlefield” for her courageous nursing of soldiers during the Civil War. A parkway nearby also bears her name.

7155 Wisconsin Avenue • Bethesda, Maryland 20814 • 301-652-2291

As a response to the horrendous economic hardship for women and families during the Great Depression, a group of Montgomery County women formed the Farm Women’s Cooperative as a self-help action-plan.

In 1932, they held the first farm market in an empty storefront, selling fresh produce and home-made products directly to suburban families. The women later built a permanent structure in 1934 and it has been in continuous use as a farm market ever since.

11701 Berwick Road • White Oak, Maryland 20904 (private home)

This is now a private home, not open to the public. You can learn more about famed scientist and environmental advocate, Rachel Carson, at the link above.

“Quaint Acres” was the city home of the scientist, Rachel Carson, often called the founder of the environmentalist movement. Carson became famous for her controversial best-selling book, Silent Spring, published in 1962 only two years before her death.

Carson’s condemnation of the pesticide industry led to wide-scale growth in environmental consciousness. She showed that DDT and other chemicals used to enhance agricultural productivity were globally poisoning our lakes, rivers, oceans, and, as a result, ourselves.

Through her work, Carson enhanced scientific respectability for the whole, growing environmental movement and prompted the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency. Her birthplace home is in Pennsylvania.

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