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There are some early evening additions if you do the day trip loop to the south of Washington DC. This activity requires nice weather, so it’s offered only seasonally. Do check before you head out as to whether they are operating that day. This is only on Saturdays.

Another English “transplant” activity — from turn-of-the-19th century in Virginia — is Polo. As Virginians love their fox-hunting and dogs and horses, for the past 103 years in Virginia, polo is a natural extension.

Polo was actually invented over 2,000 years in Persia, making it the oldest historically-recorded sport!

This attraction is ½ hour’s drive south from the Beltway (more from Downtown Washington DC). It is between Delaplane (to the west) and Warrenton (to the south), yet it’s not far from Middleburg (to the north) or Manassas (to the east). You can combine it with other activities that I’ve already written about nearby e.g. wine-tasting. See the archive link below.

At Great Meadow Polo Field, the crowd’s favorites continuing this year include: entertaining half-time activities, tailgate competitions and dancing under the stars in the Meadow Club polo pavilion, after polo. Make it an evening. If you want to stay nearby, then see below.

Virginia Horse Country Activities

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