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Those who live around Washington, DC, as I did for several years, do the political touring (Congress, White House, Supreme Court steps, National Archive etc.) if they are organized to get ticketed access. And, they do the rounds of the fabulous public and private museums and art galleries, several times throughout the year — especially the Smithsonian Institutions many sights. But, at some point, you want to see “what else” is around here!

Tourists who often visit this world-renowned city are in the same situation.

Day trips can make touring the City more meaningful, as it provides a foundation of “place”. By going rural, you begin to understand how the city relates to the land, and how the land supports this great place nearby.

As Washington DC is such an important city on the planet, this exercise has even more importance. In this series of articles, you can see some of the historic places and some of the productive land nearby that supported Washington’s rise as a capital.

If you leave your Washington DC hotel in order to spend more time, then I have 2 unique Inns to contemplate if you want to spend the money. Of course, there are plenty of national chains with hotels and motels strewn over the landscape, but these 2 choices have a different ambience.

I wrote about the first, just west of the City, Goodstone Inn & Estate, Middleburg, Virginia and now I want to introduce a second special spot, south of Washington, DC.

If you do not want accommodation, then use either of these as a destination for lunch or dinner in their dining rooms. Be sure to make reservations.

Each Inn is in Virginia and is about one hour’s drive from Washington, DC. Both of the Executive Chefs are native Virginians.

Consider: Poplar Springs Inn & Spa

Manor House Restaurant at Poplar Springs Inn & Spa

Address: 9245 Rogues Road, Casanova, VA 20139
Phone: 540-788-4600 Toll-free 1-800-490-7747
Email: innspa@poplarspringsinn.com
Cuisine: Contemporary American
Price: $50 and over, per person
Three Course Champagne Brunch Tasting Menu at Sunday Brunch:
$62 per person ~ with Champagne
$49 per person ~ without Champagne

Poplar Springs Manor House Restaurant Menus

The Manor House Hours:

Casanova’s Lounge & Lite Fare **Reservations not required**
Thursday – Saturday 3:30 – Close

Dining Room Lunch **Dining Reservations Required**
Friday – Saturday noon – 3:30

Dining Room Dinner **Dining Reservations Required**
Thursday & Friday 5:30-9:30
Saturday 5:30 – 10:00

Dining Room Brunch **Dining Reservations Required**
Sunday 11:00-3:30

More on what else is nearby to see on this trip to Casanova, next time!

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