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After visiting the Colonial Era Hunter’s Head Tavern as part of this day trip from Washington, DC, other things to do in association with it are to ask to visit the Ayrshire Farm where the organic foods for the tavern are raised OR to buy their organic, humanely-raised (certified) meat in Middleburg, nearby.

The original plantation house of Ayrshire Farm was built circa 1821 by a land-speculator, Bushrod Rust. Next, the land was purchased in 1847 by George S. Ayre. Then, it comprised the south 290 acres of the present Farm. Ayre continued to add adjoining acreage to the Farm, but sadly, he lost the total of 730 acres to creditors in 1880.

The present Farm was purchased in 1912 by Brigadier General James A. Buchanan of Washington, D.C. whose daughter, Helen, added an additional 67 acres in 1914. The present house was a phenomenon when built in 1912. The property was purchased from the General’s descendants, by the present owners, in 1996, and now Ayrshire Farm comprises 1,350 acres of pristine, organic meadows in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

The farm uses the most up to date, sophisticated ways to raise organic vegetables and fruits, being aware of their stewardship of the land being of prime concern. Their husbandry of the animals raised there is certified as humanely-raised (still rare in the livestock industry). Especially if you live in Washington, DC Metro, this would be a good group to support and use as a food source for you and your family. You can also order online for shipments out of the area.

If you manage an onsite visit, “The main home’s fieldstone structure is remarkable in that it is one of the first steel-reinforced residences. General Buchanan constructed the house out of 150 lb./ft. iron beams along the transverse sections, and smaller iron beams run perpendicular on each of the three floors. If one views the original powder room on the first floor, it is clear how little the house has settled in ninety years. It is said that the fieldstone was quarried on the property, and the bearing walls are four feet thick. Also of note is that the major wooden beams and all of the windows are made of cypress, a wood naturally resistant to insects. The house was originally constructed to use electricity, had indoor plumbing and central heating. In 1912, this house exemplified the very latest in building technology and domestic convenience.”

Periodically, events are held at the farm, and they also have an historic carriage business available for groups to rent.
Learn more at Ayrshire Farm
21846 Trappe Rd
Upperville, VA 20184

Ayrshire Home Farm Butcher Shop
1 East Washington St
Middleburg, VA 20117
Hours of Operation: Open 7 days a week, 10:00am-6:00pm. Holiday schedule may vary.

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