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Washington DC is America’s capitol and a is a city oriented to the future. As leader of the planet’s nations, it spends little time thinking about the past, and yet we can learn valuable lessons from history.

History surrounds Washington DC. Both in Maryland and Virginia, it’s easy to find Colonial Era sites and when going to Virginia Hunt Country, you will have a veritable roster of choices.

So, spending time in Virginia Hunt Country is worthwhile to see the most traditionally-faithful, Colonial British area in the United States. It’s a fascinating mix of now and then, super-wealthy nouveau-riche and original Colonial scion families.

There’s a mix of hamlets and villages and very small towns, so a picnic is a great choice, as you wander the back-roads of Virginia. Of course you can ask your hotel to prepare a picnic lunch if they can provide you with ways to keep it cool. But, how about getting supplies in Hunt Country itself?

Here are 2 choices for picnic supplies. You’ll easily find a beautiful place for lunch.

___ In Middleburg, Virginia – heart of Virginia’s Horse Country – use Market Salamander for picnic goodies.

___ Visit the historic Philomont General Store in the hamlet of Philomont, Virginia.

Market Salamander, Middleburg, Virginia
200 West Washington Street
Middleburg, VA 20117
Hours: Open: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Telephone: The Market & Catering: (540) 687-8011
Fax: (540) 687-8027

Explore the unique culinary heritage of Virginia’s Piedmont region, which has been influenced by the rustic cuisines of Tuscany. Market Salamander has Chefs-in-Residence, who prepare the gourmet specialties that fill their shelves, and who also provide tastings and culinary advice from the open kitchen.

Market Salamander offers: soups, hearty sandwiches and inspiring entrees. You can stock your larder or your picnic basket from their bountiful cheese counter and choose charcuterie, featuring imported and locally-cured meats (like Virginia’s legendary Smithfield ham).

You can also see if you can schedule a trip to include small-size cooking classes and experiencing wine tastings featuring vintages from near and far.

Philomont General Store, Virginia
36550 Jeb Stuart Road
Philomont, VA 20131
Hours: Opens: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Telephone: (540) 338-5792

The tradition of an authentic country store is alive and well in the village of Philomont, which is located on Snickersville Turnpike, about 8 miles north of Middleburg. Snickersville Turnpike is an historic byway in Western Loudoun County, Virginia’s countryside. The village was established by Quakers in the 19th century.

Opened in 1843, you can still sit on the country store’s porch and enjoy a sandwich or snack, or find a spot nearby. Ask for suggestions or check out Philomont, Virginia Local Sites. Enjoy the locally-made gifts in the store too.

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