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Virginia Hunt country is about 45 minutes or so from Washington, DC. It’s amazing. Once there, you’ll think you’ve landed in a piece of England, and sometimes even Colonial America is still being lived far more than you’d expect.

I think every Washington DC visitor should not just concentrate on the great edifaces, museums and government that they came to see, but also of the richness of this host state, so steeped in tradition and that commitment has helped preserved America’s roots.

Although horse farms extend southwestward from the Washington suburbs all the way to Charlottesville, where Thomas Jefferson’s famed Monticello Plantation is a real gem, the heart of Virginia’s Hunt Country beats in the rolling hills of Loudoun and Fauquier counties.

This is an area between Washington Dulles International Airport and the amazingly beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. I lived in Loudon County for 2 years, so I know its allure. You maybe surprised to find the Colonial tradition of fox hunting still reigns out this way, and even steeplechase racing is still something to do on a Saturday afternoon.

Sadly, there’s been rapid suburban development west of Dulles airport, but the Hunt Country is still studded with horse farms bordered by stone fences, generously-sized plantations with elegant mansions, picturesque villages like Middleburg, country inns and fine restaurants.

Get out to explore the scenic country roads and visit charming little hamlets like Middleburg, Aldie, Upperville, Purcellville and Hillsboro. You are likely to see rich and famous folk strolling the streets or having lunch, especially around Middleburg. Jackie Kennedy used to be there all the time while a Washington, DC wife, and Senator John Warner brought his “new” wife, actress Elizabeth Taylor, to live on his Middleburgh estate back in the 70s. Jenna Bush still visits often, along with many other famous people.

Some of the world’s wealthiest people keep their thoroughbred horses here.

The only time when you can actually visit a few of their horse farms is during the:
Virginia Hunt Country Stable Tour
phone: 540/592-3711
Time: held every Memorial Day weekend – the last weekend in May.

Be sure to go, if you are visiting Washington, DC then, before the summer hoardes.

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