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Washington is a great place for picnics and Jewish Delis provide some of the best food options for those delightful pastimes; however there are few real Jewish delis in the DC Metro and none are really kosher, although they have many packaged kosher items in their cold cases, refrigerators and freezers. It’s worth a trip to eat in the ones where you can sit down to Jewish delights, and then get take-out supplies if you have a refrigerator in your hotel room. You can save a lot of money making simple meals that way AND have your hotel’s kitchen give you double-plastic bags of ice to keep your insulated travel bag lunches cold.

Bringing along an insulated 6-pack sized lunch bag is wise. You can even bring 2 in your luggage, using them for toiletries while traveling.

Here is another deli to consider. Many people enjoy its food and it’s in the Jewish enclave of Silver Spring, Maryland, close-in to Washington DC’s core and accessible by Metro trains.

Woodside Deli is about 64 years old and it’s still family-owned, by the same family which established it in 1947. It’s not in a fashionable part of town, but people clamor to come.

It’s nearby metro is Forest Glen, and the park where the original Silver Spring was is nearby, if you want to picnic there.

Woodside Deli menu
Personally, I am not impressed with menu choices in a Jewish-style deli which has ham, bacon etc. as these foods are “traif” i.e. not kosher and should be nowhere on the premises.

But Jewish deli food has become a national American cuisine and non-Jewish views have taken over, generally. That’s why “real” kosher, Jewish delis are an endangered species, especially in this metro area.

Woodside Deli handles weekend crowds well. People like the generous portions and low prices, along with friendly and efficient staff.

The Woodside Deli, Silver Spring Maryland
9329 Georgia Ave
Silver Spring, MD 20993
(301) 589-7055
parking: private lot
wheelchair accessible
open breakfast to dinner

Here’s a delightful photo of this tiny deli Classic Woodside Deli a vision of time standing still. If it’s a long wait, then visit Parkway Deli, also in Silver Spring, also established over 50 years ago.


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