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I’m sharing lots of breakfast spots, as, in addition to being the ‘most-important’ meal of the day, it’s usually also the least expensive. Washington’s not a cheap town, food-wise, so fill-up on breakfast, make lunch count, and have only a few special dinners. Otherwise, keep dinner, light, unless your budget affords it.

I’m including at least one 24 hour cafe. Sometimes itineraries and timing changes, and all of a sudden, it’s late and all the regular restaurants are closed.

Here, in this 3 chain, local franchise, you step into another world, but I am only highlighting ONE of the group. This is Tastee Diner in Bethesda, Maryland (in the northern part of DC Metro).

It’s just off extended Wisconsin Avenue and it was designated a National Landmark, before it was moved to its present location.

The menu looks like a cultural landmark, too, a time-warp if there ever was one! I remember diners like this one 50 years ago, and this one’s even older.

It will be like stepping onto a movie set and enjoying a meal seen in a movie from 1935 through the ’60s. Be aware, if you’re near 6 feet tall, duck your head as you enter! People were generally not as tall, or wide, in 1935.

The menu is online and it’s extensive. This is American working-family food, at its simplest. It’s many pages long. It’s a “there’s something-for-everyone menu” with prices ranging from $3-$8 a plate. There’s also a kids menu.

Try the blueberry or chocolate chip pancakes (which are served anytime). They are fantastic. The mushroom cheeseburgers are sometimes a work of strange food-art, but most people enjoy the flavors. End your meal, or make it the purpose of your visit, to get a tall, thick chocolate milkshake.

You’ll find your stomach occupied and and happy for hours to come.

Then, head out to sight see!

Tastee Diner, Bethesda
Tastee Diner menu – Bethesda, Maryland store.

7731 Woodmont Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814
(301) 652-3970
24 hour
credit cards taken
street parking only
handicap accessible (call if need wheelchair access, to confirm)

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