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Lots of times families don’t get going quickly, and for breakfast a small snack from room-service (to keep costs down) may be the best solution, along with a stop at a nearby market for supplies for your room’s refrigerator, if you have one.

But, if you have older children or if you want to make lunch the main meal of the day, then an early lunch (“brunch”) may be a good option. You’ll have plenty to fuel your walking trips and walk-off the calories, too! Win-win.

Yesterday’s restaurant won a local competition on a parent’s site for breakfast with the kids along — read Carlyle Grand Cafe, so today, I am including more of the same group’s restaurants (and one which used to be part of the chain), as they are located all over the DC metro area.

The one I’m highlighting today is in DC, itself, but no longer part of the Great American Restaurants chain. The restaurant is very accessible from anywhere as it is on the Metro Red Line and is inside Union Station!

Meals at America are $10 – $24 (considered moderate price range in the City) but it has 18% gratuity added to the bill. Ask if the Union Station surcharge is still added; it’s a historical building with “needs”.

50 Massachusetts Avenue, NE, Washington, DC
at Union Station
at the base of Capitol Hill
Hours: Daily, 11:30am-10pm
America Restaurant, Union Station
Ark Restaurant chain, Washington, DC
Cost: Moderate. Takes major credit cards.
Ages: All Ages

The restaurant serves good and plentiful regional food, from across America. You can get a wide variety of typical and favorite American meals, and it is served with a sweeping view of Capitol Hill, in historic Union Station. Of course this restaurant is even more useful if you arrive or depart the City by train.

If something isn’t good, speak up; last year there was some criticism of service and food temperature. Hopefully, you will not experience either, as recently this seems to have been fixed.

Others in the original, local chain Great American Restaurants group from yesterday, along with Carlyle Grand Cafe, include: Artie’s in Fairfax, Virginia and the burgeoning Sweetwater Tavern chain and several more in and around Virginia, near DC and heading southward in the state, towards the capital in Richmond or on the way to Williamsburg.

More on other local restaurants which are great for families, next time.

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