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The choices are mentioned here as possible Best Breakfast choices in Washington, DC, but you should also pay attention to eating in some surprising places, like public buildings and museum complexes.

People tend to visit the City for quite a few days, as they know there’s lots to see and do here, so why not stray from your usual hotel choice for meals!

Consider these spots for breakfast or brunch:

Founding Farmers was written up in a 2010 article in Food Network magazine as DC’s Best Breakfast spot. They serve fried chicken, waffles and eggs and you can learn more at their website: Founding Farmers, Washington DC

Locals feel there are better choices.

Market Lunch on Capitol Hill, SE. in the Eastern Market – if in season, try the really Southern choice of the crabcake breakfast (2 poached eggs, a country biscuit, green chile cheese hominy grits), along with fried green tomatoes and sweet borderline Southern tea. Now you KNOW you’re in the South! Or, you can try a stack of three “Blue Bucks” blueberry buckwheat pancakes with whole blueberries in the middle – buckwheat cakes are an American extension of buckwheat blini from Russia. Be aware, get there before 10am, or there’s usually a 30+ minute wait. There’s no breakfast offered on Sundays. Use the indoor communal table, or better still, eat outdoors (so choose a nice day). CASH ONLY. Market Lunch, Eastern Market

Another choice that comes to mind is having the pancake sandwich offered at Bar Pilar for brunch Bar Pilar pancake sandwiches!. It consists of two pancakes filled with scrambled eggs and applewood-smoked bacon and a side of maple syrup. Often pancakes smell better than they taste, especially if there’s too much salt or baking powder / soda in the batter. But these pancakes live up to the sweet smell and they have a perfect spongy but not overly chewy texture. British and Northern Europeans have a long griddle-cake tradition, so it may be interesting to see how Americans make their cakes.

And if pancakes aren’t your deal, maybe you like waffles — but this is not a Belgian Waffle presentation. Here, you can get your bacon and eggs wedged between two waffles at The Passenger BUT their “brunch” doesn’t start until 2 pm! The Passenger DC restaurant

Also consider GW Delicatessen in Foggy Bottom, Highlands Cafe on 14th Street and So’s Your Mom in Adams-Morgan and .


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