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In addition to Part 1 and the Skating Rink article in the Archive, there are some surprising only-in-Washington, DC type events still happening after Xmas. Those are the ones I’m choosing in the rest of this year’s series.

Traditionally, in the United Kingdom and the rest of the British Commonwealth, it is Boxing Day, today, when presents are opened, as Xmas is reserved as a religious service.

So, if you have opened presents and found money there, and want to go spend it, then in Washington, DC I encourage you to head over to the artist’s enclave at The Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Virginia.  More about this in a moment.

As you leave downtown Washington, be sure to first stop by Union Station, which has a wonderful series of performances and activities to greet visitors as they enter the City or use it as a covered place to enjoy Holiday cheer.

If your children are missing their toy trains that you may have at home, or if they always wanted to enjoy that, then take them to Union Station now. Even after December 25th the Union Station Norwegian Christmas Tree and Train Set, contributed by the People of Norway, is still there to enjoy until January 3, 2011.

The child in you will also revel in this beautiful 30 foot tree from Norway and the wonderful train set and its Norwegian countryside – a winter wonderland with farms, a fishing village, churches, a ski jump and more.You will find it in the Main Hall.

Union Station is located at 50 Massachusetts Avenue, NE., Washington, DC and has a Metro stop on the Red Line.

Union Station Retail Hours are:
Monday – Saturday, 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Sunday, Noon – 6:00 pm.

The Union Station parking garage is open 24 hours. Pay $1.00 for 2 hours of parking with store validation.

For more information: call (202) 289-1908 and (202) 333-6000.

Now, on to The Torpedo Factory, one of the largest visual arts centers in the USA! There is free admission.

I am particularly partial to highlighting The Enamelist’s Gallery — as I was part of that group 34 years ago! I am amazed to see Gwen Anderson and Tina Chisena still working. Gwen was not young back then! There may be other original members like me, but those two stood out in my memory.

Enamels are not easily found so this is a rare treat.  I know that Gwen was instrumental in making sure that those interested in this ancient artform were well schooled. I provided my home for some of the lessons back then. Probably by now that has changed, but undoubtedly the same high standards apply for membership, so I hope you will go see their work.

See more at Enamelist’s Gallery, Torpedo Factory. Located in Studio 28 on the first floor of the Torpedo Factory and they can be reached at 703.836.1561.

Gallery Hours:
10am – 6pm Daily
10am – 9pm Thursdays

The Torpedo Factory was actually used in World War 1 and the City found it an eyesore later. In the mid1970s, renewal started when it became an Art Center.

Today, it’s 3 stories are home to 82 artist’s studios. The Art League School and the Alexandria Archaeology Museum are also located in the building.

The Center is located in Old Town Alexandria, along the docks of the Potomac River on the lively waterfront, which also includes a marina, shops, public parks, restaurants and residences.

The artists invite visitors to watch them at work and ask questions about their creative processes. What a beautiful way to remember Washington, DC and to support local artists!

The Torpedo Factory:
105 North Union Street
Alexandria, Virginia
(703) 838-4565

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