Washington, DC – Jewish Film Festival

This is the 21st Washington Jewish Film Festival, which was designed to promote the preservation of Jewish culture, by bringing Jewish-themed films to the forefront. In today’s fast-paced media, very little of it reflects any one group or issues which are important to them, so independent film makers act as the conscience of culture.

Held during Hanukkah, this festival is sponsored by the Washington D.C. Jewish Community Center for the Arts and it will feature more than 50 films, shorts and documentaries from 10 countries at 11 different venues.

And for the inquisitive, each movie will be followed by an open discussion — with filmmakers, actors and scholars. Films come from Israel, the USA, Argentina, Germany, the UK, Palestinian territories and more.

The Festival will also showcase the premiere of The Debt, with Helen Mirren and “Avatar’s” Sam Worthington, as Mossad agents who tracked down a Nazi war criminal, as well as showing The Infidel, a satire about a Muslim who learns he was born Jewish.

21st Washington Jewish Film Festival
Daily (December 2 through December 12)
Price: $6 for weekday matinees; $10 for evening and weekend screenings; $25 for special events
Washington Jewish Film Festival

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