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Latkes are made at Hanukkah because they are the centerpiece of remembrance, using Olive Oil to re-connect to the Miracle. But oil can be used just as well in wonderful Sephardic vegetable salads or in a delicious Venetian Jewish Olive Oil Cake, as in can be represented by fried food, like latke pancakes. In Washington, DC you will find the Jewish community and ethnic restaurants offering mostly latkes, unless you are lucky enough to have Jewish friends to visit while you are in town.

In truth, Jewish recipes became the first global cuisine, just as America became the largest ethnic melting-pot, ever. In Washington, DC you’ll probably be able to find people from just about every nation on earth.

Jewish food reflects creativity with ingredients from all over the world, for in the 2,000 years of the Jewish Diaspora, Jews have become the first global culture and in turn also brought sophisticated technology and ideas to remote places.

Jews have been in Italy and Greece and the Levant since before Greek or Roman Empire times, and traveled to the far reaches of North Africa and wild-Europe, including Spain, France, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Poland, during and after the Roman Empire.

Jews traveled all the way to India (especially to Cochin and southern India; the community is thousands of years old), Burma (tribes in the deep jungle have been found practicing Judaism), China and Japan (where they influenced Shinto) long before European “explorers” found these countries. You can try to find a library copy of the following book: The Biblical Hebrew Origin of the Japanese People

Jews traveled to the Americas before Columbus (it is believed he was a “Marrano” Jew whose family had been forced to convert to Christianity, and maybe that is why he knew so firmly that “America” [“something”] was there to be “found”). And it was the Jewish navigator, from Columbus’ crew, who stayed behind as the “first”, “official” European to reside in the Americas; he stayed as an ambassador of the Spanish.

Jews traveled to America’s Southwest at very ancient times, as evidenced by ancient petroglyphs, written in very ancient forms of Hebrew. They possibly used the same natural routes Spanish explorers “found” centuries later.

Current archeology shows evidence that groups of Europeans who last lived in France, became “native” Americans, founding communities on the mid-Atlantic Eastern seaboard and down through the Mississippi Valley, to finally establish or contribute their technology to the famed Clovis Culture in New Mexico.

Other Europeans became “native” Americans in the Northwest of the US — as evidenced by the latest ancient skeletal remains of “Kennewick Man” in Washington state — along with Asians from Siberian Tribes who became the larger contributor to ethnic Native Americans.

The Norse Vikings visited and settled a tiny piece of Eastern Canada’s tip of PE Island and Nova Scotia as “Vinland”, and possibly Egyptians sailed to the Mayan areas of Central America, bringing their mathematical technology.

Certainly, the Chinese sailed to the middle of Mexico’s western coast — all came to the Americas BEFORE Columbus did under the Spanish flag.

You can learn some fascinating facts in the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History and by reading more on your own. Enjoy!

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