Montreal’s Best Food Offerings – 2

Here are more chances to find special meals in Montreal. Here’s a fun roster to use as a guide, for any category which interests you.

Best Breakfast: Olive et Gourmando homepage. Review – Olive et Gourmando

The city also has seven outposts of Eggspectation, and they all do brisk business all day serving funky, creative breakfasts with loads of egg options. The menu is extensive and includes other choices like burgers, steaks, salads and desserts. Prices are fair, and portions are huge. They also are a franchise and outlets in Maryland and Virginia, near Washington, DC.

Best Smoked Meat: There are other contenders, but Chez Schwartz Charcuterie Hébraïque de Montréal (known simply as Schwartz’s), at 3895 bd. St-Laurent, north of rue Prince-Arthur in Plateau Mont-Royal (phone: 514-842-4813), serves up the definitive version of regional brisket. But some caution that one should check-out Main Deli, across the street, recommending their excellent smoked meat and charbroiled steaks. And, yet again, for others, their favorite is the last of the “real” Jewish deli in Montreal — Snowdon Deli on Blvd. Decarie in Snowdon.

You can read more about the most generally-recognized favorite Schwartz’s Deli, Montreal.

Best Bagel: With a local Hasidic Jewish community, even native New Yorkers have to give it up for Montréal’s unique bagels. They are sweeter and chewier than those produced south of the border. Both St-Viateur Bagel & Café, at 1127 av. Mont-Royal est in Plateau Mont-Royal (phone: 514-528-6361), and Fairmont Bagel, at 74 av. Fairmont ouest in Mile End (phone: 514-272-0667), are the places to compare and discuss which represents Montrealers better.

Fairmount Bagel Bakery has bagels which are lighter and more aerated than New York style bagels. The secret to them is the soft water so that makes them hard to duplicate elsewhere. They also use egg and honey right in the dough and they hand roll the bagel in sesame seeds. You can also enjoy non-traditional, modern flavors like: chocolate chip, sun dried tomato and muesli but the sesame bagel is the most popular and it is baked around the clock.

Best Chocolate: In the French tradition of enjoying sweet breads for breakfast and snacks, consider a stop at La Maison Cakao that are famous for brownies, chocolates and ice creams. If you saw the film “Chocolate”, you will instantly feel that you know Maison Cakao. This little room at the eastern edge of the Plateau has the most delicious aromas in town. Edith Gagnon is a graduate of Quebec’s Hotel and Restaurant Institute, where she majored in chocolate.

She imports blocks of Barry Chocolate from France and heats and swirls it into delectable bonne bon-bons. Her chocolate crusted citrus is sublime, and her ganache (mixed with Earl Grey tea and bergamot) is an astounding blend of flavors. Gagnon is also meticulous in presenting her chocolates.
La Maison Cakao
1351-1391 Avenue du Mont Royal Est, Montreal, QC H2J 1Y7, Canada
5090 Rue Fabre, Montreal QC, H2J 3W4
check which is currently open to the public
Phone: 514-598-2462

Best Ice-Cream: I know that you’re not likely to want ice-cream while wandering Montreal’s streets this month, but in the summer, head to Le Bilbouquet, an artisanal ice cream maker. Be sure to sample of some maple ice cream, which is utterly divine.
4864, rue Sherbrooke O.Montreal, Westmount
1311 Avenue Bernard, Montreal


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