Montreal’s Best Food Offerings

Montreal is a Foodie’s heaven and as Canada’s Thanksgiving Holiday is long gone, now it is time for the Americans to flood the scene over Thanksgiving vacation!

Montreal’s Best Restaurant: As you’ve seen in past articles, most people believe that Chef Normand Laprise’s Toque! is an exceptional integration of nouvelle cuisine and classic French cooking technique, but there are many other excellent choices in their particular category, so here goes!

Best Classic French Bistro: Plateau Mont-Royal’s most Parisian spot is L’Express, which I’ve also written about in the earlier Montreal restaurant series. This is where you come to see what the Francophone part of this otherwise most-Anglophile city in Quebec. One might observe, that apart from well-made food, with the ambience of the black-and-white-checkered floor to the grand, high ceilings, this is where Old France meets New France. L’Express, Montreal

Best Vegan Restaurant: This is the standard-bearer since 1997. Plateau Mont-Royal’s Aux Vivres has been delighting vegans, vegetarians — and the meat eaters who love them — with a 2-language menu of delights and innovation. Their meticulously made food includes: vegetarian pate, chilis, mezze, baked-to-order chapati sandwiches, rice bowls, salads, burgers, daily soups and specials, lassi, fresh juices and smoothies, organic coffee and chocolate combo and more. They are prepared in the cafe using seasonal, organic and local produce. You can learn more at their website:Aux Vivres – Vegan Montreal. Maybe try it for brunch. Be sure to try the coconut “bacon”. They are located at 4631 boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal. phone: 514-842-3479

Best Guilty Treat: Poutine This is a plate of potato french fries (frites) drenched with gravy afloat with fresh-made cheese curds. It’s a bedrock of moderately-priced, Québec comfort food which tastes much better than it sounds, especially when made by experienced chefs. The key to a great poutine is a light gravy, raw milk cheese curds (which are kept out of the refrigerator to retain their “squeakiness”) and then fresh, crispy hand-cut chips (fries). It is also made to order so that the chips are never soggy. La Banquise offers about 28 variations of poutine and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s a mecca for college students. Yes, Montrealers love poutine THAT much!

The heat from the freshly cooked chips (underneath the cheese) and the hot gravy (on top) ensures that the cheese curds melt. Use a fork. The key technique is to wait a few minutes. Let them melt and then turn the chips over with your fork to ensure that the cheese curds are dunked under the gravy and fries.

La Banquise, Montreal Poutine located at 994 rue Rachel est, 514-525-2415, near Parc La Fontaine’s northwest corner. It is not wheelchair accessible. When it’s very busy, they may accept only cash. Menu is only in French.

Frite Alors (Always Fries!) is another poutine place, with several outlets.
3497 Boulevard Saint Laurent, Montréal

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