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Montreal is a world-class, cosmopolitan city, and visitors will be able to find favorite cuisines there. Although I like to stress the local cuisine, I am starting with many cuisines, as people should have a basic choice. Knowing the best restaurants in many cuisines will help you vary your meals, especially if you get tired of one particular type.

BEST GREEK – Moderate Price:

Many people vote for Tripolis Souvlaki Restaurant, but there are several choices beloved nearly as well.

Some clients are passionate — “The best Greek salad in town; daily chef’s lunch specials to die for; like eating at home in Greece in a taverna with my family.”—Theo Diamantis, sommelier and co-founder, a Quebec wine website.

Tripolis has a simple, family-style diner in the heart of Greektown, and it is open very late on weekends. Some favorites are: grilled octopus, lamb chops and skewered sweetbreads perfectly grilled over charcoal.

Their village Greek salad is almost perfect (they don’t use goat feta but the olive oil is top notch). The charcoal grilled lamb chops are amazing as are the lamb ribs. Tripolis’ grilled shrimp are big and beautiful and their saganaki (a meze appetizer made in a sagani pan) is perfection. As sides, they have a great tzatziki (cucumber – yoghurt dip), fried potatoes in olive oil, horta (a steamed greens salad – eaten cold with olive oil and lemon), and even mini wine glasses for the Malamatina – a pine-resinated grape wine that’s low alcohol, served very cold (to have with the meze)!

Tripolis Souvlaki Restaurant
679 Rue Saint-Roch Pr, Montréal (at Bloomfield)
phone: 514-277-4689
Hours: Mon – Fri: 11 am – 2 am, Sat – Sun: 11 am – 5 am


Leméac Café Bistrot

This cafe has really well-made classic French food; it is open late so it can satisfy midnight cravings for rillettes (preserved meat) and chèvre chaud (goat-cheese salad). This lively, airy spot is also on an elegant shopping street. There’s a set multi-course menu for $24 after 10 p.m. which includes the appetizer (select one of 11 items) and the entrée (select one of 11 items). There is no kids menu.

But, there are only 100 seats so factor that in to the time you visit. There are 50 seats outdoors on its covered and heated patio, located on the Durocher street side, when weather allows.

Restaurant Lemeac, Montreal
1045 Avenue Laurier O.
phone: 514-270-0999.
Monday to Friday, from noon to midnight
Saturday and Sunday, from 10.00am to midnight (and all Mondays on public holidays)

Brunch Served every Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 am to 3 pm (and all Mondays on public holidays)
Night-Owl menu From 10 pm for $24

Next time — a few more moderate choices.

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