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As in any large city, cafes and restaurants abound in all price ranges. This first set of postings about restaurants in Montreal is built on price categories. Another future series will help you learn where to find some more traditional Quebeçoise food, and I am noting a few restaurants catering to that cuisine, here, too.

Here it is Friday and shabbat is happening after sunset, so today would be a great time to get a sabbath meal set at Schwartz’s Original Hebrew Deli.

The chefs have smoked the meat daily since 1928 and be prepared for lineups that stretch down the street! This is a must for any visitor to Montreal.

Smoked meat! That’s Schwartz’s specialty. You may be thinking, it’s pastrami, but, no, this smoked meat is entirely different. Pastrami is made by a process, more like corned beef, whereas instead of being brined etc., this is smoked brisket, and people find it delicious. This is a lost art.

The brisket is smoked upstairs and then kept in steamers to help keep in the moistness and heat. It is then hand carved to order.

When the founder Reuben Schwartz started Schwartz’s 82 years ago, he would not use chemical meat preservatives and there are none used today either.

It’s a plain room, with walls covered with decades of photo memories. Sitting there, you’ll find the meat is so tender and soft and full of amazing flavoring with pepper and spices (you can even buy the Schwartz’s herbs at stores).

Despite the many offers to franchise the store, the owners have never agreed to it, and so you will just have to get your fill here in Montreal!

Tip: Sandwiches are ordered either “fat,” “medium,” or “lean”. Like the best London and New York Jewish delis, the hand-sliced meat comes stacked high, accompanied by rye bread slices and a mustard squeeze bottle to use.

Schwartz’s Original Hebrew Deli
3895 Boulevard St. Laurent, Montreal
phone: 514 842 4813


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