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Montreal Botanical Gardens is the first place to start your local Fall Foliage Tour, but before we start that series, I want to highlight a few events happening in the Gardens. Attend these as a way to come inside after a brisk walk in the outdoors, and a place to connect with another new experience.

Paper Work (event is in the Tree House)
May 15 to October 31, 2010

Paper can be pressed, crumpled and recycled and it takes on takes shape, coming to life in works of art — each with surprising complexity and colors. “Paper Work” is an exhibition and has associated creative workshops for visitors of all ages at the Tree House (where you can also secure Garden Maps, needed for Fall Foliage tours).

Lacquer, Precious Resin (in the Japanese Pavilion)
May 15 to October 31, 2010

Lacquer is a natural substance with astounding properties. It is collected from trees, using traditional techniques, and is applied to both utilitarian and decorative objects.

Lacquerware exists in many countries, but in Japan this is a highly-refined art form. This exhibition is a tribute to the finesse of Japanese aesthetics. You are invited to learn all about lacquer: how it is collected, processed and used. Enjoy and admire a superb collection of pieces made by members of the Japan Urushi Art and Craft Association, too.

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