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One reason to come to Montreal now is the chance to see phenomenal Fall Foliage. The color of Fall in the Far North is amazing. If you cannot see it in Maine, then visit the Pacific Northwest, Northern Tier, Rockies, Maritime Canada or Quebec.

In these northern climes, Fall comes faster. The cold-snap comes sooner than you think, so check the usual dates for the destination location when Fall Foliage usually “peaks”.

For Montreal, Fall Foliage starts in mid-September into October. In turn, the maple trees blaze with color and a walk in the parks of Montréal and Québec City is a refreshing tonic for your Spirit. This season is a perfect time to drive to the Laurentians or Cantons-de-L’Est (both near Montréal). If near Québec City, then go to Ile d’Orléans or Charlevoix (both easy drives).

If you do not want to leave Montreal, but desire a larger “playground”, then consider the Montreal Botanical Garden.

Open 15 May – 31 Oct 2010, Montreal Botanical Garden ha 22,000 plant varieties spread across 748,668m² of diverse land in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. You can even relax at the Chinese Garden (the largest outside Asia) (although Portland, Oregon has what is considered the “most-authentic” outside China for a walled-garden).

If you still have some stamina after this Garden, then join Montréalers on the hill that rises behind downtown. It’s thought of as the “mountain” that gave the city its name – Mount Royal.

This hill’s rounded crest became a public park, planned by famed landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted. This area draws throngs to its woods, rolling lawns and meadows, in all seasons.

You can join people with a stroll up from Peel station (if you’re in reasonably good shape) or you can take a taxi up to Lac des Castors (Beaver Lake).

Then, make your way to the mountain’s southern edge, as dusk approaches. There, a building called Chalet du Mont-Royal provides a sweeping view of the city, from its terrace. You’ll find it an unforgettable panorama.

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