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I am continuing with a list of Everyday Insider! (TM) events or venues which tourists to San Francisco can use to enjoy California life with the locals.

Come celebrate the 75th Anniversary of San Francisco’s renowned Museum of Modern Art, until January 16, 2011. Founded in 1935, SFMOMA was the first museum on the Pacific Coast devoted to modern and contemporary art.

I remember the Museum being in the Veterans Building, near City Hall. Now, it is housed in a wondrous new building, in alignment with it being a museum for modernity.

First, a little history — on January 18, the San Francisco Museum of Art, under the leadership of its founding director Grace McCann Morley, opened on the 4th floor of the War Memorial Veterans Building on Van Ness Avenue. This was where the United Nations charter was signed after World War 2.

It was endowed with a gift of 36 artworks from Albert M. Bender, which included “The Flower Carrier”, 1935, by Diego Rivera. Bender’s collection established the nucleus of the permanent collection. In a further, remarkable display of generosity, Mr. Bender donated more than 1,100 objects to the museum and endowed its first purchase fund before his death in 1941.

SFMOMA became one of the first museums to recognize photography as a fine art. That’s an amazing concept now!

“The Anniversary Show brings together more than four hundred works from the collection, highlighting moments when the history of the museum has intersected meaningfully with the history of art.”

The Museum has always been adventurous and it was here that Jackson Pollock’s first solo museum exhibition happened in 1945. Porcelains, paintings, sculptures are all fodder for us viewing the world through the eyes of artists who interpret what they see far differently than the rest of us do.

I like the piece by Barry McGee, “Untitled, 1996/2009”, which is featured on the website, but personally, I have a hard time deciding what I think excellent modern Art is.

I know what I like, but taking responsibility for sharing a ‘new vision’ or using ‘new materials’ is often problematical as to whether I think it “qualifies” as Art.

I think a lot of other people feel this way. But, there are adventurous artists who are fleshing-out this movement and they deserve the chance to shape your life, so visit.

Periodically, there are Curator Talks, and this might be something to aim for is you would like to understand more.

This next event looks interesting on the roster —

At multiple locations (check the Museum site) Rebecca Solnit’s “Infinite City: A San Francisco Atlas” Solnit’s forthcoming book “Infinite City: A San Francisco Atlas” re-invigorates and reinvents map-making to chart not just space and place but people and time, using her 22 inventive maps.

From July through December, SFMOMA is issuing copies of seven maps, and each map launch is united with a series of Live Art events featuring many of Infinite City’s collaborating writers, artists, and cartographers.

Two maps about Identity are featured in October 2010.

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