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An important even occurred in San Francisco in 1906, and, strangely, the 49 Mile Scenic Drive of the City does not acknowledge it. So, in this last post, I shared Lotta’s Fountain, and why it was so important on April 18, 1906.

Today, I give a little more background.

At 5:12 a.m., on April 18th, 1906, a magnitude 7.9 earthquake happened in the City by the Bay. “The Great San Francisco Earthquake” as it is now known, shook the city for 48 seconds.

Immediately after the earthquake stopped, 52 fires broke out all over the city and then merged into one big fire. The temperature of the fire was 2700 degrees F. and it was so hot that the air temperature in the City rose from 51.5 F (8:00 a.m.) to 61.8 F (8:00 p.m.) on that day!

The fire burned down 1/3 of San Francisco, destroying 28,000 buildings. The cost of the destruction even in 1906 dollars was $350,000,000!

At that time, people of San Francisco needed a gathering point for survivors an d a place where they could post the names of the dead, the missing and the found.

The gathering point was Lotta’s Fountain.

If you are a San Franciscan, you likely already know about this fountain, as this monument serves as the place for the “Survivors Meeting” which is held in the early morning of April 18th every year.

San Franciscans will always be grateful, and much has been done to help the City survive the next Big One.

Learn more at the San Francisco Historical Society.

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