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Continuing with a list of Everyday Insider! (TM) venues which tourists to San Francisco can use to enjoy California life with the locals, I am now on the central, heading south-east, section of the famous 49 Mile Scenic Drive, which has been the foundation of this series of articles about the City by the Bay.

Nearby Twin Peaks, one can enter the Castro, sometimes known as Upper Market, district and, if Noe Valley is included, then it is Castro-Noe.

The Castro is the most openly “gay” part of San Francisco and began this chapter of its life in the 80’s or so. Older homosexual men began buying the still-reasonably-priced-then lovely Victorian mansions, and then outfitting them. The neighborhood altered its vibe.

The historic Castro Theater is one landmark you might enjoy, and the very-gay Twin Peaks Tavern can also be easily found, if you want to. Gradually, over time, some more wide-ranging restaurants have opened, but nothing really stands out as being essential to visit here, unless you are gay.

There are gay health services and counseling services available and bear in mind that all liasons carry risk, between whatever genders. AIDS still definitely exists.

It is a very cohesive neighborhood and the locals pride themselves in being involved in community affairs. Every October there is a huge neighborhood event, and it would be useful to understand how it operates if you intend to visit then. Castro Street Fair

More on 49 Mile Drive next time.

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